Cademuir Observatory (International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Centre Observatory Z72 (MPC_20131018) was built over the Summer of 2012. The main motivation for building it was simply that I was not observing as much as I’d like to. The time to take out a scope, set it up, wait for it to cool down etc. meant that observing was a full evenings commitment and all too often the clouds would interfere! Having an observatory would mean that I could observe whenever I wanted to with minimal set up time. I went will a roll off roof design located in the old rhubarb patch in my Mothers garden – the rhubarb is doing well in it’s new plot! The design was inspired heavily by Dave Grennan’s observatory in Raheny, there are some posts below which describe the building process.


Important links (for me!):


  • Celestron CPC9.25 mounted on Pro Wedge
  • Orion Short Tube 80
  • Coronado PST
  • Modified Canon 1000D DSLR
  • ASI120MM CCD
  • ATIK 314L+

Follow up data supplied for:

2013: 2013 YZ13 2013 YD38

2014: 2014 AF16 2014 AG16

Recent observatory articles:

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Building the Observatory!

  • Part 1 The Plan. And starting to get the site ready.
  • Part 2 Building the floor
  • Part 3 Getting the walls up
  • Part 4 Now with a roof!
  • Part 5 Shed done! Now for the pier
  • Part 6 A pier appears!
  • Part 7 First light!

1 thought on “Observatory”

  1. Hi Albert,
    I was talking to Carl O’Beirnes today at his shop. I m doing a talk at the BBC Star Gazing Live next week. I ‘ll be talking about DSLR photography, and I would like to mention the effects of selecting a site and light pollution. Would you mind if I used your image of the CLS filter image of Orion you made verses the Light pollution image of Orion without the filter in place. Your name will be on the image, and you will receive the credit for it of course. Thanks Tom.

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