Building and Observatory – Part 2

This summer has been uncharacteristically wet. And it wasn’t until last Saturday that I got to take the wood out from under the tarpaulin and start working. The first thing to do was to get the floor joists in place. The longest part of that was ensuring the 2×4 frame was level.

With that done the next phase was to add the 9×1 boards for the floor. Leaving a gap for where the pier will eventually go. Actually the gap left was big enough to ensure I can fit in it to excavate the pier foundation a bit more. That will be a job to do after the observatory itself gets built. Here’s what it looked like before I got my sister in law to put wood preservative on it on Saturday evening. 

Sunday was another washout so hopefully next weekend will be fine. The next phases will be to trim the extra bits of the floorboards that are extending a bit further than they should and to put the wall frames up, again all 2×4. Given how this Summer has been going I doubt I’ll get the weathersheeting or roof done this weekend. On to Part 3!

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