EFI and SUN Disk Labels

Every now and again an install on a new machine fails for me and I have to google to remember how to change the label. So this time I’m writing it down! has some information on the differences between the two formats But suffice to say that you cant install Solaris on an […]


Browsing the support and extras Opensolaris repos in Firefox

Opensolaris users may be familiar with browsing repositories in firefox. To look through the latest Develpoment repo for example you just open up in your browser. Things are a little more complicated for the extras and support repos though. Firstly you need to register to get access to these repos. Anyone can get access


Interactive Jumpstart – asking for time

I hit an interesting problem tonight with jumpstart. Or old timeserver has gone away and the jumpstart clients are now going into interactive installs asking for the user to set the time. We rely heavily on automated installs so this needed to be fixed. The solution was obvious I thought. I’ll just set up one

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