Tonidoplug Power Supply failure

I’ve been using my tonidoplug as a home NAS server for almost a couple of years now. It’s performed as well as can be expected for 2 mirrored 1.5TB disks attached on a USB hub. One evening recently though I noticed that it was unreachable. A quick look at the box showed that all was […]

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Using NAT with Zones

This post originally appeared at Since is going away soon (thank a bunch Oracle…) I’m going to mirror it here because I found it useful. Tuesday September 27, 2005 Using NAT in the Global Zone There have been requests to use IPFilter on Solaris 10 as a tool to allow use of networking


Strange little NFS problem

I came across a strange little networking problem earlier today. The client in question had needed to be rebooted earlier in the day. The server had had no changes made to it. The problem only started occurring after the reboot of the client. We had an NFS directory on the server that the client’s subnet


Remote X displays

Another ‘damn! I keep forgetting how to do that!’ post… When you want to display something from one unix box to another there are two ways of doing it. 1. Use ssh. You need to use ‘ssh -X’ specifically which will allow X11 forwarding. ssh takes care of setting the DISPLAY variable for you. You

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