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Installing Jupyter Notebooks on Solaris

pip installing jupyterlab may give you the following error (somewhere in the error output anyway!): The simplest solution I’ve found to this is just to install libzmq. We can pull the latest code from github and install it. I usually install things in /opt but as the pip process will look for libzmq in /usr/local, […]


Updating Solaris 11 zones behind a proxy

I’ve forgotten this several times now so it’s time I wrote a short post to help me remember in future! In Solaris 11 we use the Image Packaging System to maintain the software on the system. This is written in python and uses libcurl and for non zoned systems setting the http_proxy is sufficient to


Helping you manage you Solaris 11 support updates

… or Overcoming Your Fear of Repositories as the OTN Garage puts it! My colleagues Glynn Foster, Pete Dennis and I have put three articles on Oracle Tech Network that we hope will help you keep your Solaris 11 systems up to date. Here’s why these documents may be of interest to you administering Soalris 11.

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