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Jupiter images from last night

I’m finally starting to get the hang of this planetary imaging. Still not as good as I’d like but a big improvement on all previous efforts. Two shots taken a little apart so you can see the planets rotation.


Bye Bye eircom. A letter I sent to my local TD recently

Today eircom implemented their three strike rule. Here is a letter I sent to my local TD recently on the subject. Dear Ciaran, Thanks for your tweet regarding the judicial decision regarding the so called ‘3 strike rule’ being implemented by eircom at the request of the music and movie industries. I hope you have


Upgrading Opensoalris Guests and Virtualbox

At Home I run windows 7 on my laptop. And in order to run Opensolaris I use virtualbox. Virtualbox in case you dont know about it basically allows you to run an operating system within your main OS. You can also run windows on an opensolaris machine for example. I had fallen behind a bit


What else to install…

I’ve just installed windows 7 on my laptop. Heres what else gets installed: Firefox (and firebug and delicious plugins) Virtualbox Cygwin Tweetdeck itunes picasa Sony Vegas Movie Studio Filezilla AVG Anti Virus GSAK Garmin Mapsource Gimp Google Earth And when I find the install disks (!) : Canon Digital Photo Pro Starry Night

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