Browsing the support and extras Opensolaris repos in Firefox

Opensolaris users may be familiar with browsing repositories in firefox. To look through the latest Develpoment repo for example you just open up in your browser.

Things are a little more complicated for the extras and support repos though.

Firstly you need to register to get access to these repos. Anyone can get access tot he extra repo, only supported customers can get access to the support repo. Go to and follow the instructions there to get your key and certificate and verify that you can connect to the repo through the pkg command.

To set up firefox to be able to browse the repo take a little more work. Danek Duvall from the IPS team provided these instructions on how to do it:


openssl pkcs12 -in /var/pkg/ssl/OpenSolaris_extras.certificate.pem \
-inkey /var/pkg/ssl/OpenSolaris_extras.key.pem -export > \

In the case of the support repo use the support key and cert in place of the extras ones above instead. That will prompt you for a password with which to encrypt the pkcs12 file.

Now in firefox add the  pkcs12 file: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption -> View Certificates ->
Your Certificates -> Import -> choose file (/tmp/OpenSolaris_extras.certificate.pkcs1) -> enter password.

Then point your browser at (or for the support repo).  There’s
a dialog box that pops up saying that the site has requested you identify
yourself with a cert, and gives you a list of possible certs to use.
Choose the right one, click OK, and then you can browse the repo.

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  1. thanks
    i tried to import it with different methods but this actually thanks
    (this should be documented somewhere)

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