OMNIRIG AND the ICOM 7300 FIL2 problem

I came across an odd problem getting my shiny new IC-7300 working for digital modes using Omnirig. I set the filter to FIL1, the default widest filter, and the software (JTDX in this case) would transmit correctly. But after the transmission period when it went back to receive it would activate the narrower FIL2. Here’s […]


APRS with the International Space Station (ISS)

An evolving notes-to-self type post… The ISS has two digipeaters. One on 145.825 MHz and another on 437.550 MHz. The 2m being easier to use, as you don’t really need to account for doppler is the most popular. Though the 70cm was in widespread use when the 2m went offline a couple of years back.


Funcube Satellite Telemetry

Prompted by Michael’s effort at acquiring NOAA Weather Images I thought I’d see what other telemetry or data was easily and publicly available from satellites. Sever satellites operate amateur radio transponders and you can listen in on QSOs, but some also allow you obtain satellite and experiment telemetry. My first attempt was to get the

Radio, SOTA

SOTA promotional leaflet

‘Summits on the Air’ is a great way to operate an amateur radio station in a portable environment. In Ireland there are plenty of summits, of varying difficulty, to choose from. And you will nearly always manage to make contacts, especially if you can spot yourself on the sotawatch cluster, as people around the world

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