OMNIRIG AND the ICOM 7300 FIL2 problem

I came across an odd problem getting my shiny new IC-7300 working for digital modes using Omnirig.

I set the filter to FIL1, the default widest filter, and the software (JTDX in this case) would transmit correctly. But after the transmission period when it went back to receive it would activate the narrower FIL2.

Here’s what’s going on…

Omnirig sends this instruction to the ICOM to go back into receive:

; These lines select USB-D for USB digital mode

And according to the ICOM manual that should set the filter back to the “default filter”.

Trouble is nowhere in the manual can I see how to actually set the default filter for the mode.

So for now the best solution is to have Omnirig explicitly set us back to filter 1. I could just change FIL2 to be wider but then the filters get more confusing. Having Omnirig explictly set a filter when all I want the radio to do is go back revieve isnt ideal, but it works. To do this you’ll need to change this section in the IC-7300-DATA.ini Omnirig file:

; These lines select USB-D for USB digital mode

This is identical to the original except we explicitly set the filter as per the manual and update the replylength and validate string accordingly.

3 thoughts on “OMNIRIG AND the ICOM 7300 FIL2 problem”

  1. Well that’s great work. Thanks so much.
    This had me baffled for several days until I found this post.
    Why would omnirig creator feel he needs to tell us what filter we need to use for… whatever?

  2. Thank you, This was pain everytime to choose FIL1 when i start different band from wsjtx. Even tho it stays that way after TX. But anytime i change band again its FIL2. This works nicely!

  3. I had just dashed off an email to the Omni-rig creator explaining this problem and THEN I searched and found your fix.


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