light pollution

Astronomy, Light Pollution

Light Pollution Observations parser

I’ve created some code to do basic processing of light pollution observation files at This came about from chatting to Prof. Brian Espey about processing the data from the SQM data loggers that he and others use around the country to monitor Irish dark skies and to assis the Dark Sky Places (and prospective


Some astrophotography

I’ve recently tried taking some long exposure images just to see how the observatory handles the light pollution. To make life easier I’m using an Astronomik CLS-CCD filter with the DSLR. The one I currently have is for a t-ring, though since these images have worked out well I think I’ll get the clip in


Dark Sky Parks and Dark Sky Reserves – A Comparison

Over the past while I’ve noticed that some confusion has arisen about the distinctions between Dark Sky Parks and Dark Sky Reserves. In preparation for an upcoming meeting I drew up the following 2 pager explaining the key differences. For the impatient, here’s the 2 line difference from Steve Owens: Parks are public land more

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