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Leftover wine

Decided to make lasagna today. And of course my recipe requires about a third of a bottle of red wine. After quick glance at the wine in the house, I came to the same conclusion I always do when cooking – all of that is too good to cook with. Since I was going to lidl anyway for the veg I thought I’d just pick up a cheap bottle while there. At the moment there is a special 6 for 4 promotion on wine, and a case of 6 bottles costs about €20. That’s under 3.50 a bottle. I was thinking that this might make ok wine to cook with, and failing that something to use as antifreeze in the winter. So after making the bolognaise I was left with the tricky problem of leftover wine. Yet again disregarding the advise of Delia Smith I opted for the simpler solution of just drinking it. And its nice! Probably the cheapest wine I have ever bought but tasty. Time to take care of the rest of this leftover wine 🙂