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Letter: Council Vandalism of Dalkey Quarry

Dear Councilors & TD’s, It was with incredulity that I read reports in the Irish Times of the destruction of parts of Dalkey Quarry. The first recorded climbs by the Irish Mountaineering Council were undertaken in the 1940’s. Today the quarry is used almost daily by climbers and the routes range from the very beginner […]


Sometimes you can be proud of the EU

The start of 2010 has been an interesting time in the EU. Where, in stark contrast to most places, we seem to be coming up with good legislation and ideas. February 22nd: The EU Commission proposes a ban on all commercial fishing of Atlantic bluefin tuna by 2011. Predictably the Japanese are the ones who


Monitoring a BT Voyager 2110

Recently out broadband usage seems to have gone up quite significantly. This, naturally, has been blamed on me. And the Mac. As Min put it “this only became an issue since the mac came into the house!”. Now you can log into the web interface of the Voyager and get the bytes since it connected.


30 day song challenge in one go

Right. Enough people have messaged me about this on facebook so rather than do the day by day thing, which I’ll get bored of by tomorrow, I’ll just list them all now. This is a bit of an oldskool list; i should do it again with more tunes from this century sometime 🙂 day 01

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