Rovers are back!

Great night [match report]. The team scoring in the last minute of the first half in match that wasn’t going your way is great. That the scorer was the same person who managed to send a last minute oppertunity out of the stadium on Friday made it even better. Poetic even! Second half Bohs got a penalty, which their experienced player/manager stepped up to take against a 20 year old Barry Murphy. And he saved it! Pandemonium. What seems like a few hours later Cassidy scored a second for Rovers and soon it was all over. Pandemonium again! The enemy was defeated. More pandemonium!

It’s not worth trying to put the emotions that you feel in these games into words.

Other highlights:

The Hoops manager after complaining to the 4th official (presumably letting him know, correctly, that the linesman and referee were, in fact, idiots) was sent off. He marched up into the stand with the Bohs fans and took a seat there to watch the rest of the match from 🙂  Class!

Seeing Bohs fans make comments online like “Well tonight we got what we all knew was coming, probably the worst result in 23 years of following Bohs. Losing to a first division, part time Rovers team at home.” Glad to oblige! 😉  Thats part of why this victory os one of the sweetest. 12 months ago the club was facing extinction and being wound up by the courts. Now the club is building back up again, and owned by the fans. The Thomas Davis GAA club are still trying to stop our new ground, the Tallaght Stadium, from being completed. And we got relegated, thanks partly to examinership, into the first division for the first time in our history. And we still manage to knock Bohs out of the Cup!

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