The Rockery in June

Someone pointed out recently that I hadn’t updated my posts about the rockery I started last year. Well here’s what it looks like now.

The Chinses symbols dangling from the ‘roof’ are there mainly to stop a particularly stupid crow from attacking itself in the mirror early in the morning! There are a few plants in bloom. The first is the dianthus, not strictly an alpine variety but has a strong long lasting red colour at the front.

The ‘ball of long grass’ as Min calls the Armeria Maritima.

And then there is the ‘little ball of  grass’, Silene acaulis Mount Snowdon.

The Sempervivums are not ‘in bloom’ but look well as their offsets are shooting. Sempervivum Sprite

Sempervivum ‘Director Jacobs’. Min’s favourite.

sempervivum arachnoideum densum. You have to love the web like filaments on these.

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