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Z72’s first contribution to science

On Christmas Eve the Catalina sky survey spotted an object that had not been seen before. Shortly after McDonald observatory in Texas confirmed the object and further observations were needed to help nail down it’s orbit.

We had clear skies on Christmas night so I checked the Minor Planet Center NEO page to see if there were any possible targets and sure enough the object, provisionally called UY31A3B, was within the range of my equipment. Continue reading Z72’s first contribution to science

Observatory Code!

This morning I got this one line email from the International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Center:

Your site is now code Z72.

So Cademuir observatory is now officially recognised by the MPC! In order to obtain an observatory code it’s necessary to observe some minor planets (in the 1000-400,000 range) of varying magnitudes, at least a couple of times a night over at least a couple of nights and record their positions to an accuracy of within 1″. Using the (.25 scope with a focal reducer and a DSLR I was able to get most reading accurate to < 0.5″. I’ll post a full writeup of the process in future, for now I’m going to celebrate and hope for clear skies to see ISON in the morning!